Welcome to Dantata Solar Limited 

Dantata Solar Ltd is a solar power developer specialized in providing solutions for industry, businesses, the educational sector and  the public sector in the field of sustainable energy development.

Dantata Solar Ltd has a pipeline of projects in Nigeria extending from Lagos in the southwest to Kano and Sokoto in the north. Dantata Solar Ltd is a private company that is wholly owned by its board members and it is based in Jabi, Abuja.

Power supply has long been a key distraction and burden for businesses , organisations and even private homes in Nigeria. 

Most companies, institutions and private homes operate private diesel or petrol generators to ensure they have quality power supply.

This has also been a key reason for lower productivity and competitiveness of business on a global scale.

Our professional services are aimed at making sure you can stop worrying about power supply and focus on your core business and Innovation.

Solar power supply provides a very good, competitive and clean source of power. You could also opt for solar-diesel hybrids where you already have sunk costs in diesel power generation.

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